Why Breathwork?

Breath is the language of our body.
Our breath is the single most direct connection with being alive.

When we practise breathwork we are working with our physiology, processing our emotions, retraining both our thinking mind and our subconscious, and establishing our spiritual connection. We train our body to experience optimal levels of energy.

In our busy lives, we often feel stressed, tired, overworked, reactive and distracted. That
means we have lost touch with the power of our breath and forgot that it is a gift. Conscious
breathing is a key to our health, joy and interaction with life.
Fortunately, even if we have forgotten how to use our breath consciously, it’s still here!
Let’s unleash its power using BREATHWORK!

What do we offer?

Are you looking for a lifestyle shift?
Are you feeling stuck, aspiring to find your flow?
Here is how we can help.

Breath is life offers Ancient Himalayan comprehensive breathing techniques, that are so
relevant for our lives now. The intention to bring individual practitioners into
a state of total connection and bliss within.
From beginner to experienced practitioner these practices provide a complete
and powerful pathway to your Absolute Self!

Breathwork/ Pranayama

We will practice together simple breath techniques, most often in a seated position. It’s a conscious regulation of the breath that increases your energy and life force while helping us to relax the mind. Pranayama creates harmony at all levels: physically in steady,
healthy breathing patterns; mentally in calm and focused thoughts; and spiritually in connection to the universe. Working with the breath reduces the stress hormones in the body, thus reducing the inflammation in the brain. The movement of the diaphragm and the activation of the navel centre provides the body with great benefits.

Himalayan Kriya

Kriya are specific techniques or actions designed to lead you to evolutionary expansion. Through the practice of Kriya, you will learn to create an energetic shift in the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

Sattva Integrated Practices

Includes a wide variety of yogic techniques and practices, both ancient and modern. Hatha yoga asana, Himalayan kriya, mantra, pranayama and Laya, Sufi practices. They are deeply transformative for all aspects of our human existence. They help master our energy and enable us to live a life full of joy and possibility. Sattva yoga integrated practice is the experience of, where both stillness and movement coexist.

Himalayan Meditation

I teach the Sattva meditation practice which you will be able to practise on your own after the first training. This meditation is ancient and powerful that leads to self regulation and
mastery. Meditation is now proven to lead to a more stress free life, bringing the body to homeostasis, more focus and conscious life, opening the spiritual gateway for the higher realms. Awakens the life energy from deep within you and heals the fundamentals of your mind and body.

You will learn to master your energy and master your life.